Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to Boost Your Blogging Views with Cool Digital Flipbooks

Do you want to boost your blogging views with cool digital flipbooks? PUB HTML5 Digital Flipbook Maker can help you to realize it with quite an ease!

Video Tutorial:

PUB HTML5 is a free HTML5 flipbook maker. With the help of PUB HTML5, you are allowed to convert Adobe PDF files to HTML5 flipbooks with stunning page-turning effect! In addition, PUB HTML5 can convert PDF files into page flip eBooks that can be viewed on Windows PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. You can use PUB HTML5 to create flipbooks onto your local computer, or directly publish the flipbooks online on PUB HTML5 cloud servers.

With PUB HTML5, you can create cool digital flipbooks that not only bring fantastic reading experience, but can be widely distributed with various publishing methods. When you have published your flipbook online, people can intuitively view the pages with amazing page flipping effect! Besides, you are allowed to add various rich media to your digital flipbook which will engage much more viewers than the monotonous PDF files.

With PUB HTML5, you can do the following things with ease:
1. Create a powerful digital flipbook from any PDF & MS Office & OpenOffice;
2. Customize look and feel for a consistent brand image;
3. Choose from a wide range of features for your publication;
4. Impress everyone with a professional look!

All in all, PUB HTML5 enables you to boost your blogging views with cool digital flipbooks!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Low-Cost or Free Online Magazine Publishing Platform for Nonprofits

It is the digital time now! More and more publishers would choose to publish their magazines online on some magazine publishing platforms. In order to win a considerable visit of your digital magazine, you need to select an excellent online magazine publishing platform. Among various kinds of platforms, the low-cost or even free one will surely enjoy a larger popularity. Here, I would like to introduce PUB HTML5, the free online magazine publishing platform, to you all today.

Video Tutorial:

PUB HTML5 enables you to publish your digital magazines worldwide. To be specific, PUB HTML5 is accessible from all major mobile platforms, including IOS, Android and Win8. Therefore, you can create and publish your digital magazines anytime and anywhere you like. With the help of PUB HTML5, you have the ability to make your digital magazines much more interactive and impressive.

Moreover, PUB HTML5 provides you with numerous options to customize the look of your publication to the corporate design of your company or that of your customers. It is also possible for you to add colored bookmarks, custom logos, custom backgrounds, and your own button graphics as well.

Also, you are allowed to add all types of static and rich media into your digital magazines. You are able to embed video, audio, image or video pop ups, and manually embed all links and modify link highlight color, opacity, etc.

Last but not the least, with PUB HTML5, you can create digital magazines with rich media, and turn your PDF files into unique interactive reading experiences for readers. You can also make your digital magazines shareable on various social networks and available on smart phones, tablets and computer.

To sum up, with the help of PUB HTML5, the free online magazine publishing platform, you can easily create and publish your online digital magazines free.

 Learn more: Boxoft PDF to Flipbook Pro:

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Top 3 Interactive HTML5 Magazine Publishing Platform

Well, it is the digital time nowadays. With the fast development of technology, more and more publishers would like to publish their magazines through some interactive and outstanding digital publishing platforms. Today, I would like to recommend PUB HTML5, the top 3 interactive HTML5 magazine publishing platform, to you all.

Video Tutorial:

Compared with the traditional magazine, the HTML5 magazines powered by PUB HTML5 are much more interactive and interesting for the following reasons.

To begin with, by using PUB HTML5, you can convert your PDF files into interactive HTML5 magazines with amazing pageflip effect. Within just a few minutes, you can create a stunning HTML5 magazine with quite an ease. Also, you are allowed to embed video, audio, link, animation, etc. into your HTML5 magazine. Therefore, while readers are viewing your HTML5 magazine, they can enjoy the relevant video or audio as well as the amazing pageflip effect.

Secondly, by using PUB HTML5, you are able to create interactive HTML5 magazines with rich media. Unlike the PDF file, the HTML5 magazine can be interactive for the eye-catching animations. You can engage customers with rich media publications.

Last but by no means the least, by using PUB HTML5, you are allowed to make your HTML5 magazine shareable on various social networks and available on smart phones, tablets and computer. The created interactive HTML5 magazine can be supported by iPhone, iPad and Android systems.

To sum up, PUB HTML5 is the top 3 interactive HTML5 magazine publishing platform allowing you to create stunning and impressive HTML5 magazines easily in minutes.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Make Picture, Photos to Flip Page Brochures with Flip HTML5

Nowadays, more and more people want display product on Flip Page Brochure. The stunning page-flipping effect of Flip Page Brochure is wonderful way to display product and attract more potential readers. But to create Flip Page Brochure is not easy for average person. So, have any quick way or programs to create Flip Page Brochures with easy for all level users?
You’re lucky in here; in this topic I’ll show you how to make a Flip Page Brochure from Office with Flip Html5
Flip HTML5 is easy-to-use flipbook software that allows all level users to convert content file (PDF, Image, Office, etc) into digital flipbook with amazing page turning effect. You can use it to create Flip Page Magazine, Flip Page Brochure, Flip Page Album, Flip Page Paper and others Flip Page Publications.
Steps in detail
1. Register, Download and install Flip HTML5 on its official website;
2. Launch the software smoothly and import the content file (PDF, Office, and Image) to the program. You can also define the import file as possible on Import interface, like pages, page quality/size and watermark, etc;
3. Design your Flip Page Publication with its ready-for-use functions. You can choose template, add background image or even insert multimedia files;
4. Publish your attractive publication. Click the "Publish to Local" to publish your flipbook as HTML5, ZIP, FTP format, or click "Upload Online" to upload created flipbook on Free Flip HTML5 Online Server.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

5+ Most Useful software to use to make html5 flipping book from PDF and view on ipad\iphone

Create By FlipHTML5

Many of us are looking for free/cheap tool or software that can convert PDF documents into a page flipping style ebook and view it on mobile device like iPhone, iPad, or Android paltform. Here I list free online tools and free desktop PDF to Flash flipbook tools for you. Now you have a chance to create it for free with the tools I’ve found for you.

1. Free PDF to Html5 Flipping Book

Free PDF to HTML5 Flipping Book is wonderful free PDF to html5 flipbook program I highly recommend. It’s come from Different devices are supported even for the previewing with Free PDF to HTML5 Flipping Book, you can copy the number to browser of Android operating mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, all previewing are OK, so does the output or uploaded flipping books.

html5 free pdf to ebook

Free Download

Features of Free PDF to HTML5 Flipping Book

(1). Three main kinds of importing files: PDF, Office (Open Office & Microsoft Office) and Image;

(2). Full customized Design panel for users to know how powerful about their creativities;

(3). Individual set Bookmark which actually is a kind of Book of content that will bring a personal style leading of viewing for readers of you;

(4). Selection of templates of different layout for you to choose which is up to your usages of the HTML5 flipping books;

(5). Edit Page feature is a professional edition for single pages, here you can insert images, YouTube or Vimeo videos, Flash and text;

(6). Three options for paid users to choose to publish to local: HTML, ZIP and FTP;

2. Free PageFlipPDF (

Free PageFlipPDF is full digital publishing software allow you to convert PDF into all format flipbook. The created flipbook also can be read on Mobile device smoothly. So, just download have a try.

3. Flip Builder (

This software provides an easy way to convert PDF to flipbook. With Flip Builder, you’ll find design magazine is not a boring job anymore; it can be funny and creative.

4. Boxoft Flip PDF Maker (

5. A-PDF to Flash Converter (

A-PDF to Flash Converter is powerful and lightning-fast converter software to convert PDF files to animated digital Flash pages.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Best 5 jQuery Content slider Maker

At present jQuery Content sliders are usually used on ally stylish contemporary website. Such popularity is absolutely reasonable as the technique lets you cram different content into one limited area, thereby saving precious space on the web page and raising user’s interest.

Content sliders often include different features and configurable options. Depending on the content you intend to display, one slider might be better suited than another. Here are ten beautiful content sliders. All are free.

Hi Slider free jQuery content slider


The jQuery slider with amazing transitions from Hi Slider is free for users to create stylish jQuery content sliders.  The stylish transition effect of Hi Slider Free jQuery Content is highly appreciated by web developers/blogs, i.e.: 3DHorizontal, 3DVertical, Base, Blind, Block, Blur, Fade, Rotate, Shuffle, Slice and Wipe and many others, and as a fantastic jQuery Content Slider Plugin maker, it contains different style templates and skins and supports Image, YouTube and Vimeo videos importation.

All in all, Hi Slider Free jQuery Content slider is a fantastic, fully responsive jQuery slider, supports image sliders, html5 sliders as well as Youtube, Vimeo video sliders.

Download | Demo


  1. Easy –to-use software with clear interface;
  2. 3 Steps to create jQuery slider without coding skills
  3. Enable images, YouTube or Vimeo files full fil or scale the slider;
  4. Support responsive web design to perfect suit the web pages;
  5. Select the template and skin to jQuery slider;
  6. Ken burns zooming effect to all imported images
  7. Adjust the order of impoted items with move buttons;
  8. Set basic info for each item with title and description;
  9. Open URL in the slider with action info as a open URL type and a inserted URL;
  10. Enable the touch Swipe in order to apply the jQuery on Pad;
  11. Choose options as colors, fonts or position for designing the appearance of the slider;
  12. Enable keyboard navigating to offer users more flexibility in viewing the jQuery slider;
  13. Set the preloader with choosing and customizing a preloader;
  14. Preview button enables all users to preview the jQuery Slider effect in different main browsers as Google Chrome, FireFox and IE 7+
  15. output formats as: Basic Version of HTML, WordPress plug-in, Joomla Module and Drupal Module.


Free jQuery Content Slider can be easliy made in Hi Slider with next 5 main Steps:

Step1: Download and Install Hi Slider

Google HI Slider or open directly to download HiSlider Free jQuery Content slider, and then install into your computer;

Step2: Create new jQuery Content Slider Project.

Open Hi Slider software, click Create New button, and then with dragging or clicking to add image, YouTube and Vimeo sliders;

Step3: Add title, description and apply transition effects for each slider.

You can add basic information like title, description for each of your image or video. And also you can define those sliders, there are eleven different transition effects: 3DHorizontal, 3DVertical, Base, Blind, Block, Blur, Fade, Rotate, Shuffle, Slice and Wipe, and more transition effects will be developed later;

Step4: Select template, skin and fully customize.

The Slider can be Fully Customized in Custom Panel:
Ø  Appearance of the Slider: Size, Background, Colors, Fonts and Position;
Ø  Functional Buttons: Auto Flip, Full Screen, Prev/Next Page and Progress Bar;
Ø  Enable or Disable Sepcial Effect: Responsive web design, Ken Burns Zooming, Touch Swipe and Keyboard Navigating.

Step5: Output Options.




4.Easy Slider

5.Start/Stop Slider